Creating an IMAP account on a iphone

To create an IMAP account on a iphone, first to go your Settings page on your iphone:


Then scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”


Next Select Add Account


Then “other”


Then we are adding an IMAP, mail account, so select “add Mail account”


Next 1. Add your information into the fields provided, and then 2. Press the blue next button.

The information will be in this form:

Name: Your Name
Email: Your full email address
Password: Your password
Description: Your description of this new account.


After you hit the next button it will ask you for a little bit more information:

1. Make sure that the IMAP button is blue.

2. Fill in the rest of the fields that is asking for;

Incoming Mail Server Hostname: this will be (even if your email address is not, your hostname will be)
Username: this will be your FULL email address, I.E.



Outgoing mail server: will be (even if your email address is not
Username: will be your FULL email address
Password: will be your password for you email account


After all of the fields are filled in, hit the blue next button:


You may or may not see a SSL warning; if you do, Hit YES, if it does it twice, hit YES twice…


After it connects, the page will turn to a pages asking if you want to turn on Mail and Notes, make sure that both are turned to “On” and hit the Blue next button;


That’s it, enjoy.




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